Can You Lose a Job Because You Filed for Bankruptcy

Can You Lose a Job Because You Filed for Bankruptcy

Can you lose a job because you filed for bankruptcy here in Shepherdsville or anywhere in the areas surrounding Bullitt County Kentucky? My name is John Schmidt, and I have more than 25 years of experience as a personal bankruptcy attorney representing clients in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings.

Section 525 of the bankruptcy code protects those persons who have filed bankruptcy.  This section of the bankruptcy code specifically bars either a public or private employer from terminating employment or discriminating against an employee solely based on the filing of bankruptcy.

No, you cannot lose a job because you filed for bankruptcy. There have to be other valid employment-related issues.

This section of the bankruptcy code contains many other important protections for individuals who have filed for bankruptcy.  Generally speaking, a governmental agency may not deny, revoke, suspend or refuse to renew a license or permit, charter or franchises or discriminate against an individual who has filed bankruptcy.  In other words, you cannot lose your driver’s license because you filed for bankruptcy, nor can you lose a professional license simply because you have filed for bankruptcy.  This section also contains a broker prohibition against any lender refusing to provide a student loan or student aid on account of an individual having filed bankruptcy.

Filing of any action in a court is a public record and is typically available for public inspection.  Such facts may include when a bankruptcy was filed, the type of bankruptcy, and the case number that are generally easily accessible to the public.  Specific information that was contained in your bankruptcy filing, however, is much more difficult to obtain.  Therefore, unless the individual researching your background is an attorney with access to the court electronic filing system, or unless they have gone to the expense of obtaining a complete copy of your bankruptcy file, the specific financial information contained in your bankruptcy papers will likely never be public knowledge. 

Bad Credit Score or Bankruptcy When Screening for a Future Job?

Potentially, it is possible that a future employer could discriminate against the hiring of an individual who has filed bankruptcy.  However, one needs to weigh the likelihood of this happening against the likelihood that continuing to have unpaid debts and bad credit would also cause a potential future employer to discriminate against them in the hiring process.  In my experience, one should never let fear of potential job discrimination prevent them from obtaining needed relief from their debts, and you can’t lose a job because you filed for bankruptcy.

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