How is Spousal Support Calculated in a Bullitt County Divorce

How is Spousal Support Calculated in a Bullitt County Divorce

How is spousal support calculated in a Bullitt County divorce case?  Local rules in Shepherdsville and the various Family Courts in neighboring counties as well as Kentucky’s Family Law statutes do not provide a specific formula for establishing when a spouse is entitled to maintenance or spousal support, how long it will last, or how much that support will amount to.  Maintenance or spousal support is often a contentious issue in a Kentucky divorce and this is why it is important to work with an experienced family law attorney from the Law Offices of John Schmidt & Associates PLLC.

There are several basic questions relating to maintenance that need to be addressed during negotiations, mediation or by the Judge in your case.  Should one spouse pay maintenance to the other to ensure a more level economic playing field during and/or after the divorce?  How much support should be paid and how long will that support last? 

The question “how is spousal support calculated in a Bullitt County Divorce?” requires insight into the need for maintenance or some form of alimony, as well as the ability of one spouse to pay support to the other. Our Kentucky Family Court Judges are given broad discretion under the law to evaluate these questions while applying several factors or considerations to their decision.

The primary factors should include the duration of the marriage, the age and health of each spouse, the skill set and likelihood of viable employment for each during and after the divorce, the standard of living enjoyed by the couple during the course of the marriage as well as the contributions one spouse has made to support the other during the course of the marriage.

For example, when one spouse works to support the other while they obtain a degree or professional license or leaves the workforce to manage the household and raise the couple’s children, they are often entitled to some level of maintenance or spousal support in the eyes of the Court.  Other factors can include the division of child custody and visitation, the existence and division of retirement assets, the tax issues associated with the divorce, as well as the educational experience of each spouse and the time and training required to gain meaningful employment.

John Schmidt has more than 25 years of experience as a divorce and family law attorney based in Shepherdsville. We are often able to help negotiate a resolution to questions surrounding maintenance / spousal support / alimony.  In cases where the parties have hardened opinions or positions, mediation and in some cases a hearing before a Judge may be required to resolve the issue.  Kentucky family law statutes and local rules may place limitations on the ability to modify the amount or term of spousal support so it is important to work with our skilled attorneys to ensure your goals regarding maintenance are accomplished.

How is spousal support calculated in a Bullitt County or Shepherdsville divorce?  How long will maintenance last?  Is maintenance higher during the divorce than it will be after the divorce is completed? 

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