Fulfill the complicated guardianship and adoption laws with an adoption lawyer

You must follow complicated legal procedures when you choose to adopt a child. The attorneys at the Law Offices of John Schmidt & Associates PLLC understand adoption procedures and patiently guide you through the complicated adoption procedures.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of John Schmidt & Associates PLLC place a great value on family life. The attorneys at the Law Offices of John Schmidt & Associates PLLC help you grow your family and avoid the stresses of adoption or guardianship paperwork.

Trusted legal counsel for the adoption and guardianship processes

Adoption can be complicated, and you are well advised to work with a Shepherdsville family lawyer to ensure that you properly complete the entire process effectively. We assist with various types of adoptions, each presenting its own set of challenges, including:

  • Adoptions of relatives
  • International adoptions
  • Domestic adoptions
  • Adoptions of stepchildren
  • Agency adoptions
  • Private placement adoptions

We also help clients become legal guardians of children and adults in need. Most people who require guardianship are infants or youths or are disabled or otherwise incapacitated. Birth parents automatically become guardians, but courts can remove this right or grant it to another person after the death of the parents.

Our guardianship attorneys help you become a parent

Our attorneys stay in constant communication with you to keep you up-to-date and educated about the complicated adoption and guardianship processes. We take pride in helping to complete your family. We delivering results including:

  • Comfort. Our communicative and personal approach to adoptions and guardianships makes the process easier on your entire family.
  • Efficiency. Our knowledge of adoption and guardianship law allows us to settle your case swiftly so you can bring home your new child as quickly as possible.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Our top priority is bringing joy to your family. We offer reasonable rates that enable us to serve people at various income levels throughout Kentucky.

At the Law Offices of John Schmidt & Associates, it’s important to us to help family grow safely and soundly. We ensure openness and transparency throughout the process, making it easier for your relatives or for outside agencies to work efficiently as well.

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