Shepherdsville Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help Clear Your Debt

Restore your credit by working with our Shepherdsville Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers

What Happens at a Bankruptcy Hearing in Kentucky - Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy AttorneyWhen your debt reaches insurmountable levels, seeking the help of a reliable bankruptcy attorney may help you escape the harassment and threats of your creditors. At the Law Offices of John Schmidt & Associates PLLC, our team of attorneys offers compassionate and trustworthy legal counsel. My name is John Schmidt, and after more than 25 years of service we take great pride in helping our Kentucky neighbors through the difficult times in their lives and providing them with hope for their future.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges a variety of debts

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often called liquidation bankruptcy. When you file for Chapter 7, you allow your property to be sold in order to pay off your creditors. The entire process usually takes about six months, and requires a means test in order to proceed.

A common misconception of people who file for bankruptcy is that they are irresponsible with their money. This is simply not true — many people face bankruptcy because of high interest that piles up or unforeseen medical expenses. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you to overcome these debts. It is a viable option for anyone facing debts from the following causes:

  • Credit cards

  • Medical bills

  • Utilities

  • Evictions

  • Repossessions

Unfortunately, Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not necessarily protect the property you own. Without the assistance of a bankruptcy lawyer, you could lose valuable possessions or your home. We work with you to prevent this from happening.

Our Shepherdsville Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys secure your future

We understand the anxiety that debt creates, and we want to grant you relief from it. When you work with our Shepherdsville lawyers, our patient, compassionate advice gets you through the bankruptcy process and provides you with:

  • Freedom from debt. No more threatening calls or nasty letters — we clear your debts and free you of harassment by creditors.

  • Advice for improved credit. Your credit takes an initial hit after bankruptcy, but we work with you on a solid financial plan so your rating climbs back up.

  • Peace of mind. The relief you gain from settling your debts is incomparable.

We also work with you to determine which exemptions you’re eligible to choose. Kentucky allows you to choose their exemptions or the federal exemptions — but you cannot mix-and-match between them. We look at which list will help you more in the long run, and advise you about which steps to take for the future.

We invite you to contact us via e-mail, schedule an appointment or call us today at (502) 509-1490 to get the answers you need and relief from financial challenges and creditors.