Theft Defense Lawyer Based in Shepherdsville

Theft Defense Lawyer Based in Shepherdsville - Criminal Defense

Do you need a theft defense lawyer based in Shepherdsville or Bullitt County?  Theft is the most commonly charged criminal violation in Kentucky.  Criminal theft involves either taking, transporting or disposing of another person’s property without their prior permission (consent).  Criminal charges for theft are a serious matter and you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney.

My name is John Schmidt and I have defended those accused of a criminal offense in the greater Louisville area for more than 20 years.  There are a lot of potential defenses in a theft case.  I have seen many mistakes, misunderstandings and flat out false allegations of theft in my decades of service as a criminal defense lawyer.  You are innocent under Kentucky law until a jury decides you aren’t.

My first piece of advice as your theft defense lawyer based in Shepherdsville: you have the right to remain silent.  Use it.  Don’t talk to the police or investigators.  They may try to make it seem like its not that big of a deal and they “just want to talk.”  You are not required by law to speak with them.  I invite you to call me at (502) 509-1490 for a free consultation to discuss what is going on in your life and how I can help.

If the property has a value of $10,000 or more it will usually be charged as a Class C Felony and carries the risk of a 5 to 10 year prison sentence.  If the property in question is between $1,000 and $10,000 in value, a firearm, a controlled substance or anhydrous ammonia the theft will usually be charged as a Class B felony carrying the risk of a prison sentence up to 5 years. 

Shoplifting and minor thefts between $500 and $1,000 in value are usually charged as a Class A misdemeanor and carry a fine of up to $500 and up to a year in jail.  Theft of property less than $5000 is usually considered to be a Class B misdemeanor and risks a fine of up to $250 and up to 90 days in jail. Shoplifting may expose you to additional penalties and court costs.

Multiple convictions for theft will move the scale of the offense up.

As a theft defense lawyer based in Shepherdsville with more than 20 years of experience I can tell you there are multiple, sound criminal theft defenses.  We challenge every step of the process including the behavior of law enforcement, the collection of evidence, witness and informant testimony and even the genuine value of the alleged offense. 

We invite you to contact us via e-mail, schedule an appointment or call us today at (502) 509-1490 to get the advice and aggressive criminal defense you need and deserve.  At the Law Offices of John Schmidt & Associates we bring more than 25 years of experience to your side of the equation, and work hard to achieve a much better outcome in your case than you can or will accomplish on your own.