Can divorce be forgiven by God?

Can divorce be forgiven by God?

Can divorce be forgiven by God?

Can divorce be forgiven by God? 

I believe in YHWH, El (“God”),  Eloah (“God”), Elohim (“God”), Shaddai (“Almighty”), Ehyeh (“I Am”), and Tzevaot (“[of] Hosts”), ELOHIM (“My Creator”), JEHOVAH (“My Lord God”), EL SHADDAI (“My Supplier”), JEHOVAH JIREH (“My Provider”), JEHOVAH ROPHE (“My Healer”), JEHOVAH NISSI (“My Banner”), JEHOVAH MAKADESH (“My Sanctifier”) …. the One True God … Jesus’ Father.

I believe in the God of the Holy Bible and the rules, values, and commandments therein. I am unapologetic about my Christian values. I believe the Holy Bible is gift from God to man as a rule and guide for our thoughts and conduct. As my pastor says, we either believe the Holy Bible is God’s word or we do not. As long as one believes in Judaeo-Christian ethics and values then one can trust that person because telling lies is a sin, an evil. You can trust what they say because their soul is imperiled by lies.

There are those who believe in Relativism, that everyone has their own facts or truth. I reject Relativism. In fact, I’m convinced Relativism is a source of Evil as Relativism seeks to undermine standards, equates vacuous with substantive, and remove all standards to make discernment impossible. I believe in the God of the Holy Bible.

There is a perversion of the Holy Bible that says one can lie to non-believers of their faith. The same perversion of the Holy Bible also says it is acceptable to steal from non-believers. I do not trust these people because they are permitted to lie to me as a non-believer of their faith. I reject the perversion of the Holy Bible.

We need to understand what the Holy Scripture says about divorce in order to answer the question, “Can divorce be forgiven by God?” The table below lists the scriptural grounds for divorce:


When discussing sin, the conversation almost always centers on doing of something that is commanded of us not to do, or commission. People almost always forget that you can also sin by failing to do something we are commanded to do, or omission. 

Withholding sexual intimacy from our spouse is just as much sexual immorality as adultery because spouses are commanded under 1 Corinthians 7:4-6 as follows:

The wife does not have full rights over her own body; her husband shares them. And the husband does not have full rights over his own body; his wife shares them. Do not refuse to give your bodies to each other, unless you both agree to stay away from sexual relations for a time so you can give your time to prayer. Then come together again so Satan cannot tempt you because of a lack of self-control. I say this to give you permission to stay away from sexual relations for a time. It is not a command to do so.

If you qualify under one of the grounds above, then the scriptures make clear that forgiveness is not needed. However, if you do not fall within one of the grounds above, then forgiveness is needed. 

Matthew 6:14 says, “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly father will also forgive you.” Luke 6:37 says, “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” I take solace in the fact that judgment does not come until the end of our days, and I have Jesus Christ as my advocate to ask for mercy from YHWH so I do believe divorce can be forgiven by God because the Holy Bible tells me so.

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