My thoughts on how to lose weight and get in shape in a healthy way

They tell you to change your exercise and diet. I tried gym memberships and I went for a time but ended up paying a monthly fee for no value just like so many other people. I tried juicing, different diets, etc and I managed to maintain the plan for a time but not for the long haul. I had to solve these issues. I started going to CrossFit because I was challenged by my younger brother.

I checked with my physician who cleared me to work. I started with a normal coached bootcamp and then moved to a normal coached CrossFit. I have been at it 3-5 times per week for 8 months. The coaching makes a huge difference. Not all CrossFit “boxes” are the same, and I prefer ones that are focused on proper form. In terms of diet, I drink more water and started to eat every three hours. I start the morning with a smoothie including Vemma. I have a protein snack 3 hours later followed by a good lunch. I repeat the process of a healthy snack and a good dinner. I minimize bread and sugar intake. I avoid milk and cheese.

In the end, I lost inches in my waist and gained muscle mass in my chest, arms and legs. I highly recommend avoiding diets and changing your eating to healthy habits. You can order product CLICK HERE.


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