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If you have been injured as a result of domestic violence or are in imminent danger of injury and you are reading this, then immediately call 9-1-1 to report the situation and get yourself and those dependent upon you to safety and seek appropriate medial care. Once you are safe and have received the appropriate medical care, then you should seek help through the protection of an Emergency Protective Order (EPO).

Outside Louisville, Jefferson County, you should call your Sheriff’s department. Click HERE for a Statewide directory. In Louisville, Jefferson County, you can call (502) 595-0853 or go to the District Court Building at the corner of 6th and Jefferson. Enter from the 6th Street side and tell the Deputy Sheriffs that you want to take out an Emergency Protective Order (EPO). They will direct you to the appropriate place.

The Domestic Violence Intake Center located in the District Court Building at 600 W Jefferson St., Room 1150, Louisville, KY 40202. For more information, you can visit the Jefferson County Attorney’s site by clicking HERE.

KRS 403.715 to 403.785 establishes and governs the court’s power to issue an Emergency Protective Order (a/k/a EPO) and possibly a Domestic Violence Order (a/k/a DVO) at the later hearing. In our opinion, the process is as underutilized as it is mis-utilized for a variety of reasons. Take the necessary and appropriate legal steps to protect yourself and those dependent upon you.

One party or the other may take out an an Emergency Protective Order (a/k/a EPO) as a maneuver in a custody battle or as a way to harass the accused party which is an abuse of an important protection. When children are alleged victims, Child Protective Services (a/k/a CPS) will probably start an investigation which may or may not result in the removal the child(ren) from the home depending upon the allegations.

An Emergency Protective Order (a/k/a EPO) and a Domestic Violence Order (a/k/a DVO) can have serious consequences on your family, career, freedoms and reputation. Domestic violence proceedings are not criminal matters, but the consequence for both parties are very significant.

  • “If granted, it may afford the victim protection from physical, emotional, and psychological injury, as well as from sexual abuse or even death. It may further provide the victim an opportunity to move forward in establishing a new life away from an abusive relationship. In many cases, it provides a victim with a court order determining custody, visitation and child support, which he or she might not otherwise be able to obtain.The full impact of EPOs and DVOs are not always immediately seen, but the protection and hope they provide can have lasting effects on the victim and his or her family. On the other hand, the impact of having an EPO or DVO entered improperly, hastily, or without a valid basis can have a devastating effect on the alleged perpetrator.To have the legal system manipulated in order to “win” the first battle of a divorce, custody, or criminal proceeding, or in order to get “one-up” on the other party is just as offensive as domestic violence itself. From the prospect of an individual improperly accused of such behavior, the fairness, justice, impartiality, and equality promised by our judicial system is destroyed.In addition, there are severe consequences, such as the immediate loss of one’s children, home, financial resources, employment, and dignity. Further, one becomes subject to immediate arrest, imprisonment, and incarceration for up to one year for the violation of a court order, no matter what the situation or circumstances might be. Thus, we conclude, notwithstanding the large numbers of domestic violence cases in family courts, it is still paramount that the courts provide each party with a full evidentiary hearing.”Wright v. Wright, 181 S.W.3d 49, 52 (Ky. App. 2005)

Emergency Protective Orders (a/k/a EPOs) and a Domestic Violence Orders (a/k/a DVOs) are governed by statute. There are specific requirements that must be satisfied for the issuance of an Emergency Protective Order (a/k/a EPO) / Domestic Violence Order (a/k/a DVO).

We recommend that you hire a skilled professional to stand by your side when you are dealing with an Emergency Protective Order (a/k/a EPO) or a Domestic Violence Order (a/k/a DVO). A skilled attorney can help the court understand whether or not the facts support the issuance of an Emergency Protective Order (a/k/a EPO) or a Domestic Violence Order (a/k/a DVO).

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